2018.01 Kickboxing and Boxing Champion Wendell Roche gave various training sessions at Baas Sports and Parasasa beach. Wendell, born in Curacao (1970), fought more than 300 fights world-wide, and is still active. May 25 2018 (a few months after he was in Curacao) he won Igor Kolacin by TKO at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw Poland (see at the left-above in the compilation below).

2018.03.24 Jaydon Dania (13), Eli van Nierop (16) and Ginuwine Kwidama (17), all 3 won their kickbox fights. 2018.04.27 Ginuwine Kwidama & Baas @ King’s day. Sunday morning = beach training.

2018.05.12 Jaydon Dania and Ginuwine Kwidama from Baas Sports doing great @ CuraBox “Roll wit the punches” with the participation of AUA, BON, SXM and various Curacao teams.

2018.05.22 workshop ‘Safety’ for ambulance and CITRO (citizen rescue organization) staff.

Baas @ Divi divi school 2018.02.09 and Marnix College Rio Canario 2018.05.28.

2018.06 Current Bellator and 6-time world champion Miss Dynamite Denise Kielholtz Gerges showed that she’s not only a great champion in the ring and the cage, but also outside of it. She has her heart in the right place and the proceeds of the seminar she donated to Team FightAble, a group of people with disabilities, but the abilities to practice boxing and martial arts in an appropriate way.

2018.09.08 Both boxers from Baas Sports Curacao won their bouts. Ginuwine Kwidama won Martijn (Aruba) and Grego Scharbaai won Duzong (Sint Maarten).

2018.10.06 Honor Fight League 2. Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports Curacao) won Pakistan/The Netherlands after 5 rounds by unanimous decision. The opponent of Ginuwine Kwidama did not show up.

2018.11.24 To step into the ring and compete you need guts and therefor you’re already a winner. Marius van Noort did this at the age of 46 for charities in both Curacao and the Netherlands and got the trophy handed over by  Jamal ben Saddik, Glory’s #1 in Heavyweight. Because there are so many children who have to fight every day, Marius fought for them, for the foundation against child abuse and handed over the check to governor Ms. Lucille George-Wout, patroness of Stichting Kinderbescherming Curacao. 

2018.11/12 Edwin Baas @ Fightclub Haarlem, Bouzidi gym Haarlem, KB Zandvoort, Afafa Zandvoort, Bolem gym Haarlem, Gym Haarlem, Reunion B-day training, Taekyon Haarlem, etc. With Jamal B, Mohamed “Mootje Monteur” el Mesbahi, Mourad Bouzidi, Hannes Schneider, Lorenze Anches, Boualem Belani, Riduan el Assrouti, Peter Koopman, Ruud Hillenaar, Jessy Schneider, Mustafa Mamnouh, Onne Stokman, Marc van Keulen,Clarence Thompson, Wesley Koning, Koen in ‘t Hout, Afra Baas, Jay de Jongh, Tarik, Saskia Fung Loy, Mo el Aaater, Khalid elAater, Nancy Verbond, Cher Verbond, Tenisha Rodriquez, Jairo Chaudharie, Faouzi Elkandousi, Khalid El Kandousi, Jamal El Otmani, Joost Mulder, Sharon López, Arno Hermans, Stanley Budding, Ernst Vuik, Koos Broekhof, Mike Kross, Patrick Van de Kraats, Daniel v.d. Wilt, Ruud Kraaijeveld, Juan Esteban Montoya, Dagmara Veeris, Muammar Ilgen, Luigi Kwas, Ruud Hardjokoesoemo, Albert Bouma, Dick Smolders,  Denzel Maria, Murat Ilgen, Khalid Redouani, Malcolm James, Randy Ringstars Heyer, Maarten van der Neut,  Virgil Bawits, Jeroen Scholtelinde, Peter van Gelder, Django Tapilatu, Rafik Zohri, Charissa, Glen Huisman, Boubkar Belkasmi, Angelo Rosalia, Ronan Huisman. John Bawits, Ercan Yuksel, Jaouad Redouani and the ones that I forgot to mention.

2018.11/12 Edwin Baas with Cor Hemmers, Nick Hemmers, Lucien Carbin, Ali Gunyar, Apy Echteld, Ilona van lenten, Bert Kops, Mohamed “Hamicha Mootje” Mezouari, Andre Mannaart, Roel Mannaart, Mohammed Jaraya, Michael Babb, Luis Tavares, Chouaza Tulis,  Chris Tulis, Errol Engelhart, Aiven Sprang, Jairo Chaudharie, Melvin Manhoef

2018.11/12 Edwin Baas @ Mousid Gym, Chakuriki/Xena Sports, Vos Gym with Hesdy Gerges, Mousid Akamrane, Denise Kielholtz, Chellina Chirino, Rivo Slory, Erwin van der Meulen, Andre Mannaart, Roel Mannaart, D’Angelo Marshall, Ismael Benali, Ajua, Najib Amhali, Mohammed El Boulahiati, Ricardo Fyeet, Romeo Kensmill, Clyde Petres, Ivan Hipolyte, Eva van Baalen, Howard Komproe

2018.11/12 Edwin Baas with Milton Felter, Tisha Balentien, Aiwan Hoeseni, Randy Heyer, Brandon Fos, Clyde Brunswijk, Hamza Hazzar, Kevin Heyer, Sohail, Tom v.d. Berg, Latrell Ceder, Naomi Williams, Nino de Wit, Glen Huisman, Tarik Cherkaoui, Satish Jhamai, Mike van Itterzon, Ibrahim Sellak, Cain Vrutaal, Rashid van Exel, Kader Benali, Denis Sharoykin, Joop van Kasteel, Mohamed Ben Ali, Abdallah Benali, Nonchi Chirino, Bert Rozemeijer, El Hassan Ourhris

In 2018 we had a lot of special guests again visiting Baas Sports Curacao.
The most of them are in the photo compilation below, like; Wendell Roche, Aksel Cijntje, Yassine & Chairi Al Andaloussi, Shanice Josefina, Justin Do Rego, Clarence Thompson with his ladies (his partner Denifa and his lovely little daughter), Murat Ilgen, Big Daddy Carlos Blaaker and his sons from MMA Ruthless Fightcompany, Carl Blijd, Latrell Ceder and Naomi Williams of Team Tommy van den Berg, Yulong Blijd, Miss Dynamite Denise Kielholtz-Gerges, Howard Komproe and Roue Verveer, Yulong Blijd, Sherman Bonofacio, Harry Volny-anne from Martinique, Shermain Hellings of Hiit-Fit.nl, Randy Heyer, Muammer Ilgen and fam, Godfried Chofie Balijn.

2018.11.15-24 CuraBox honored Jemyma Betrian for her outstanding performance (Bronze medal) at the AIBA women’s world boxing championships in New Delhi India.

The year 2019 started with the visit of some great champions and great trainers/coaches.
UFC fighter Jairzinho “Bigi Boi” Rozenstruik from Suriname, who was preparing with his trainer Michael Babb for his UFC debut February 2nd. Rozenstruik won his UFC debut by TKO in 2nd round.
The No. 2 of GLORY in lightweight Tyjani Beztati and GLORY heavyweight Roël Mannaart.
Promoters Angelo Rosalia (Next Generation Warriors) and Mo Series (Fight Fans).
Super Pro Silvana Macbean and Dennis Krauweel, trainer/coach of Rico Verhoeven.

2019.01.26 Ginuwine Kwidama (Baas Sports Curacao) won in Aruba the elite AruBox champion Mark Campbell.

Special guest Rhevory, the boy with the red shirt with the text “Like a Boss” really trained like a Boss, als een Baas. Rhevory is blind, visually impaired and sees only 2% but he is able to train and he does very well too. FightAble.

2019.03.16 Jaydon Dania (Baas Sports Curacao won in Aruba by Abandon in the 2rd round.

2019.04.06 Baas Sports Curacao 100% victorious @ Victorious Fighters in Sambil. Jaydon Dania won by TKO 3rd round. Ginuwine Kwidama won on points. Grego Scharbaai won his opponent from Colombia by TKO in 2nd round. After a serious injury and surgery Mohamed “The Pain” Hussein made a come-back. Not in a MMA fight, but with K-1 rules. He won his kickboxing debut in the 2nd round by TKO against Rojhat Bilgetekin from Germany, who has about 30 pro-boxing bouts (27 registered on boxrec.com).

2019.04.27 Ginuwine Kwidama (Baas Sports Curacao) won Mark Campbell (Aruba)

2019.05.11 Lirou Pinedo won Tomislav Rudan (Croatia) in pro-boxing @ Rotterdam NL. Pinedo, born in Curacao and now training at Rodney Ernst of Fitboyz 010 made October 2018 Lirou his victorious Pro-debut after a successful amateur career.

2019.05.22-24 Edwin Baas was in St. Lucia for participation in the ITO (International Technical Official) course of the international boxing association AIBA. The course was led by Angel Villarreal (USA). In addition to Curacao and host country St. Lucia, Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica, Guyana, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda and Cayman Islands participated. This program aims to ensure that all officials are knowledgeable about the rules, that they can make the right decisions and maintain fair play and neutrality for the benefit of all competitors.

2019.06.01 CuraBox  with Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Curacao. From Baas Sports Zeno Marchena was boxing an exhibition vs Lionel Eisden (Pro-Fit) and The Scharbaai brothers, Kevin and Grego, were boxing vs Sint Maarten.

2019.06.08 Daychemar Coeriel representing Curacao and training at Shera Oedairamsingh won by KO at Enfusion’s Glorious Heroes in Groningen in the best fight of the event (according insiders). In the main event this night another kickboxer with Curacao roots Endy Semeleer (current Enfusion world champion) won Marouan Toutouh after 5 round of 3 minutes.

2019.07.07 D’Angelo Dangelo Marshall won Jahfarr Wilnis in Orlando Florida USA @ GLORY 67

Andrew Westerhout

Ginuwine Kwidama

Niels Bekman


2019.11 Edwin Baas @ Fearless Wassenaar, Raw Diamonds  Almere, RINGS Aalsmeer with Dave Davis, Cem Senol, Faouzi Elkandousi, Riduan El Assrouti, Lorenzo Baas, Keith Chenko, Rashid van Exel, Davon Duncan, Piëtro Doorjé, Said El Badaoui, Rodney Dorjee, Hassan Aitbassou, Glen Huisman, Danial Sharifi, Anouar, Mimoum, Tom Wesselink, Melanie Fluiter, Ronan Huisman, Brandon Fos,Milton Felter, Dayon Mungra, Kader Benali, burgemeester van Aalsmeer Gido Oude Kotte, Ernst Vuik

2019.11 Edwin Baas @ Ben Bril Carre, Boxing Alphen a/d Rijn, Fightclub Den Haag, and more with Mufadel Elghazaoui, Bert Kops, Andre Tete, Henny Mandemakers, Pedro van Raamsdonk, Rudy Koopmans, Koert-Jan Smit, Peter Hoopman, Dennis Kornman, Hassan Aitbassou, Michel van Halderen, Nick, Raymond Joval, Rodney Ernst, Boris van de Vorst, Ernesto Hoost, Martin Jansen, D’Angelo Marshall, Murat Ilgen, Boubkar Belkasmi, Luigi Kwas, Dennis Rock. Satisch Jhamai, Francois Lubbers, Glen Huisman, Ibrahim Sellak, Joost Mulder, Noudin Johri, Mimoum

2019.11 Edwin Baas @ Hit Team Den Haag, The Smash Heerhugowaard and more with Serkan, Joaquim, Regina Spanjaard, Sarah Debaieb, Glen Huisman, Anouar, Nourdin Johri, Perry Ubeda, Jaco van Staalduinen, Najim, Angelo Rosalia,  Jeroen van Diemen, Jasper Stemp, Ajoeb Toerab, Denis Sharoykin, Altin Yumruk, Ernesto Hoost, Imro Main, Ricardo Nibte, Howard Komproe, Jay Overmeer, Miangelo Windster, Clyde van Dams

2019.11 Edwin Baas @ Road 2 Victory Hoorn, Youth Fight League Almere, Brutal gym Den Haag with Santino Verbeek, Mootje Khamal, Daychemar Coeriel, Hussein, Joey Gogulski, Rob Gogulski, Cesar Gonsalez, Nonchi Chirino, Zeceria Musa, Tom Wesselink, Ronan Huisman, Collin Mansur, Miangelo Windster, Hassan Aitbassou, Glen Huisman, Anil Sewnaik, Sarah Debaieb, Safouane Riani, Mimoum Ahbouk,  Nourdin Johri, Gisele Werth, Semih Yologlu, Harold Deekman, Kamal Chabrani, Orinta van der Zee, Loren Javier Jorge, Francois Lubbers, Clyde Petres, Soeresh Bhatoe, Frank Munoz, Kevin Coffie, Glenn Brasdorp, Aiven Sprang, Jairo Chaudharie, Tenisha Rodriquez, Marvin Atlas, Marvin Alexander, Kenneth Susanna

2019.11 Edwin Baas with Joost Mulder, Jamal el Otmani, Mootje Khamal, Glen Huisman, Miangelo Windster, Zeceria Musa, Bilal Hamood, Abdellah Benali, Ernesto Hoost, Bert Rozemeijer, Mohammed Benali, Nonchi Chrino, Melissa Mulder, Clowie Jade, El Hassan Ourhris, Nourdin Johri, Hassan Aitbassou, Boubkar Belkasmi, Roma Pijlman, Angelo Rosalia, Muammer Ilgen, Murat Ilgen, Howard Komproe. 

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