B4 Covid-19

Video footage of Training @ Baas Sports Curacao before the lock-down in March, April and May 2020.

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Sport and COVID-19

At the moment we are in a lockdown, however if you want to know when the training sessions will continue and what measures we are taking to prevent contamination with COVID-19, please send an email to edwin@baassports.com

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The Battle of the middleweights

The Curacao Boxing Association (CuraBox) presents "The battle of the middleweights" on Sunday January 17 and will start 2021 with a Bang. Audience is not allowed, but there will be a live stream from 6 till 7 pm. This event will be COVID-proof and the event will be...

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COVID-proof activities

CuraBox Covid-proof activities 2020; Power Punch Challenge June 13, sparring bouts July 11, sparring bouts August 1st., training for trainers August 22, virtual seminar for referees/judges August 15 and 16 and virtual seminar for coaches September.

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