Raekwon North Netherlands champion

Today, June 24, Raekwon Baas received his medal and can be called North Netherlands champion of his class. May 20, 2023, Raekwon made a victorious debut in The Netherlands and June 17 he won the semi-final of the NNK (Noord Nederlandse Kampioenschappen) and qualified for the final.
Another YdK, Zion Martina (Team Frisia), became North Netherlands champion in a higher class. Martina also had victories on May 20, June 17 (he knocked out his opponent in 10 seconds) and June 24. This is not the first title for Martina, because in 2022 he also won this championship.
The NKK is intended for the Northern Netherlands provinces of Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland, Flevoland, Utrecht and Noord Holland.
Raekwon’s team members of New Sport Challenge Haarlem, Abdel Kofi and Gian Lijnbach, won the finals in lighter weight classes.
Trainer/coach Hannes Schneider did a great job and can be very proud.

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