PT by Raekwon Baas @ NL

If you follow the media, you will undoubtedly have noticed that Raekwon Baas is doing very well in boxing.

Raekwon Baas, born and raised in CuraƧao, currently lives in the Netherlands and trains in Rotterdam at FitBoyz 010 under the guidance of Rodney Ernst.

Raekwon won multiple amateur boxing championship titles in the Netherlands and was also successful internationally, including a first-round victory in Portugal.
Major championships are coming up & soon he will make the step to professional boxing.

Raekwon is also certified as a boxing trainer and is known to be good at transferring his knowledge, skills and experience to others.

If you are interested in personal training and/or small private groups, you can contact Raekwon Baas via Tel.: +31 6 44024331 or mail:

Raekwon will be in Curacao in the months of July, August and the first half of September 2024, so take your chance and book a PT with him.

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