August 2001 Edwin Baas came to Curaçao. After a few days, 2001.08.31, Baas already acted as referee of all but one fights that night. The fight card contained Curacao vs Thailand (the Thai were employed at the Oil Refinery) and Baas fought the main event Curacao vs Holland in a 5 rounds exhibition bout vs multiple champion Ronald “The Man of Steel” Sluis. Sluis won a lot of championship belts, like the Caribbean title WKN (World Kickboxing Network) by defeating Neil Frederick (Trinidad & Tobago), the intercontinental title and he also won World Champion IKBF (International Kick Boxing Federation) Ted van Rijn (The Netherlands).
Baas started to train a small group and in a few months the late Ron van Leeuwe represented the team of Baas in competitions with success. Ron who got the nickname “The Dutch Lion” was a former classmate (Grafische School Haarlem) and a youth friend of Edwin. He also came to Curacao in the same year, 2001.
2001.09.29 Ron made a victorious ring debut and after this one he won several Thai-Kickboxing fights in Curacao and Aruba. The most impressing was 2001.12.01 when Ron won with a kick to the head in the 1st second of the 1st round. 2017.09 Ron passed away in The Netherlands. Rest In Power Dutch Lion.

Baas supported John Lobato (Chi Sportschool) with training/coaching of Ralph Maduro, Sharlimar Zimmerman and Marlon Albertoe. 2001.11.03 Zimmerman 5 rounds vs Anthony Ignacio (Aruba), Albertoe won Devon Hodge (Aruba) by 1st round TKO and the opponent of Maduro did not show up. 2002.07.20 MMA seminar by Apy Echteld (2H2H).
2003.05 the team increased, as Sherman Bonofacio (Bullet team), left Curacao and handed over his kickboxing group at Radulphus College, with fighters like Roderick Meijsing and Reno Mooyweer, to Baas. From this moment team Baas Sports started to rule. In Trinidad Serwin Concincion became Pan-American Champion WKN and Leyron Marcos, Ariel Concepcion, Narswin Betrian, Reno Mooyweer Thurston Joseph, Danny van der Veen, Roderick Meijsing, Rines Martina (Rojer), Raylison Aitatus and Milangelo Eugenio all won one or more fight. 2003.07.04 Baas Sports Curacao made a very strong impression and was very successful @ an International Thaiboxing event with participation of Dominican Republic, Aruba, St. Maarten, Trinidad & Tobago, Netherlands and Curacao. Baas Sports had 7 fighters competing that night and had 6 victories. In the A-class Lucien Carbin’s fighters were successful with victories for Tyrone Spong, Ilonka Elmont and Jerry Morris. 2003.08.16 Baas Sports was again very successful and did not even lost one fight. In Suriname, 2003.12.19, Curacao was represented by Baas Sports. Edwin Baas went with Karel Jamanika, Caribbean Champion WKN.

With former world karate champion Dudley Josepa and others, Edwin Baas founded in 2003 the Curacao Martial Arts Federation (CUMAFE) and with CUMAFE Baas organized various activities, like a gathering training @ Marinekazerne Parera. The host Ruud Hardjokosoemo, karate sensei of the naval base, trained kickboxing at Baas in Haarlem.

In 2004 Baas Sports fighters Ariel Concepcion, Danny van der Veen, Trevor Bomas, Kevin Abraham, Achraf Kayouf, Roderik Meijsing, Ramiro Sabina, Jemuel Cleofa, Dennis Arentsen, Thurston Joseph, Harley Pimienta and Milangelo Eugenio were victorious in many Thai-kickboxing fights. 2004.10.30 all 4 fighters from Baas Sports won their fight at “Curacao Caribbean Classics”. Harley won the experienced fighter and kickboxing instructor of The Pyramid. Thurston Joseph and Roderik Meijsing both won WKN title belts by defeating opponents from St. Maarten. Milangelo Eugenio won the Caribbean WKN belt by defeating Johan Croes, Aruba and Caribbean Muay-Thai champion. All fighters from Baas Sports received their belts from WKN-president Stephane Cabrera (France).
2004.12.04 CUMAFE “Nochi di Arte Marsial” with exhebitions in various martial arts, like; Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido and Capoeira. Kung Fu was by Harley Pimienta from Colombia, who in Curacao trains Thai Boxing @ Baas Sports. Muay Thai kickboxing was by the following members of Baas Sports; Stephen Liu, Louraine Girigori and Ariel Concepcion. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) was by Edwin Baas and Gregory Costina. What also was very impressive was the exhibition by Raymon Juliana, aka “Mayron” or “Lonchi”. Mayron trains at Baas and showed in exhibition with Baas that despite physical disabilities you are able to practice martial arts. Mayron defended himself against both armed and unarmed attacks and showed that he can fight back.

Edwin Baas did a big MMA promotion in 2004 and 2005 in the dojo of the Naval Base Parera by guest trainers Apy Echteld and Joop van Kasteel (won RINGS World champion title by KO over Dan Severn from the USA).

2005.05.01 Stephen Liu victoriuous debut. 2005.05.14 box bros Daniel and Gerardo Harmsen. 2005.06.11 Baas Sports won all 4 Thaibox divisions @ CUMAFE championships with Louraine Girigori, Vincent Schuttel, Roderik Meijsing and Stephen Liu. In karate Julius-Ann Johanns (46 kg) became 3rd @ open class kumite. 2005.11.13 Free Fight (MMA) Championship organized by Edwin Baas and Chris Tjon. Johnny Brazao, Tim Hulsman and Jelmer Wijnja, became 2nd after victories. 2005.12.10 @ CUMAFE’s “Night of the Martial Arts” Kristy Ooms won in Thai Boxing, Tim Hulsman in MMA a Canadian and Mayron Juliana showed again that with a physical disability you also can practice martial arts.
In The Netherlands Danny “Warwaru” van der Veen won 8 Thaiboxing fights; 2005.03.20 Weert, 2005.04.17@ K-1 fight Night Valkenswaard KO-2, 2005.06.26@ Valkenswaard TKO-1, 2005.10.02@ Gentlemen Fight Night Tilburg, 2005.10.09@ “Shogun 2005” Den Bosch TKO-3, 2005.10.29@ “Showtime” Den Bosch TKO-3, 2005.11.11@ Spijkenisse, 2006.02.09@ Deventer KO-1.
Edwin Baas ended the year 2005 with winning the QZ Award.

Baas Sports won 4 of the 5 divisions in MMA and Thai-Kickboxing of the 2006 CUMAFE championships. Francesco Solaro won the 1st place in MMA after unanimous victories over Jean Ten Broeke (Medina Grappling) and Patrick Ladeur (X-treme Judo Fighting Team). In Thai Boxing all 3 fighters of Baas Sports, won. Stephen Liu, Milangelo Eugenio and Reno Mooyweer won knocked out Wijnman in the 2nd round.

2006.08@ Buhsido The Hague Seminars by Thai master Ajarn Berglerk (Burklerk) PinsinChai.
2006.09.16 Fight4life Zonnehuis Amsterdam “Queen of the Ring”. Kristy Ooms won by KO (kick to the head see pic). Also in the pic Kenneth Macnack trainer of KB Brummen and topfighters like Linda Ooms and Faldir Chabari. 2006.09.17@ “Ultimate Glory” Amersfoort with Joop Kasteel who was ring announcer @ organized by Martijn de Jong Shooto Holland. Karatejutsu @ Dick Smolders (also in the pic Albert Bouma and Junior). Tayari and Ino Alberga @ Jurojin Leiden, Ridouan el Assrouti @ Gym Haarlem, Peter Koopman @ AfafA Zandvoort, Dennis Rock and Robin Dissels @ Rock gym Zaandam, Peter Dollenkamp @ Kickboxing Sneek, Marc van Keulen @ Taekyon Haarlem, and more.

In 2006 and 2007 Franklyn Hartkamp came from The Netherlands to give Krav Maga training. Edwin Baas invited teachers with different martial arts background, including; judo, jiu jitsu, aikido, taekwondo, Thai-kickboxing, boxing, MMA, karate, wrestling, krav maga, etc. Top row, from left to right: Patrick Ladeur, Chalton Donker, Briand Victorina, Oswin Cijntje, Maurits Filiet, Cedric Meulens, Franklin Hartkamp, Oscar Semerel, Gregory Costina, Alexander Yanez, Anthony Chong, Edwin Baas, Le Roy Tujeehut. Below, from left to right: Bas Jussen, Huibertico Balentien, Darrell Prins, Glenda Poeder, Willem-Jan Paardekooper, Reno Best, Jacob-Jan Duyst. Picture right below from left to right; Ramiro Sabina, Edwin Baas, Palmira Baas, Franklyn Hartkamp and Dennis Rock.

Krav Maga @ Harold van der Rijst in Apeldoorn with Ad v.d. Hijden.
2007.02.19-26@ Kapap instructors course Avi Nardia and Albert Timen Willem-Jan Paardekooper

2006 gatherings @ Parasasa beach, Military Marine basis Parera (stand-up striking by Edwin Baas and ground by Jacob-Jan Duijst) and SDK.

2007 Baas Sports was very successful in Thai-kickboxing. @ Suriname with Milangelo Eugenio and Stephen Liu. Ivo van den Berg (Baas) won Daniel Schoop (TFD), Terence Martis (Baas) Arnold Drenthe, Paul Piper (Baas) won Ivan Molina (TFD), Joel Adriana (Baas) won Quency Kraal (NL), Elvis Molina (Baas) won Nito Mongen (NL), Toon Vollebregt (Baas) won Jonathan Mogen (NL), BC (Baas) won Suendly Martina (Tjakai), Jemuel Cleofa (Baas) won Roland Wawoe (NL), Rigcheilo Rosalia (Baas) fell short against the 6 kilo heavier Milano Bernadina (NL). Toon Vollebregt (Baas) fought August 2007 in Trinidad a 10 rounds intercontinental full contact pro-tile fight of the WPKA against Brad Fowler from Canada. Also in “Free fight” our athletes were very successful in 2007. Johnny Brazao won and Juan Esteban Montoya won al his free fights and won the 1st prize. Elvis Molina won Jason (Attaf) this same night in Thaiboxing. A-class Cedrick Copra was @ Baas Sports in his preparation for Jyotaro Usui in Nagoya Japan. Also Cedrick fought this year in Turkey against Sahin “Kaas” Yakuth. 2007 CUMAFE international Fight Night main event André Jean-Philippe (Martinique) won Saint-Thierry Auret (Saint Martin) by decision after five exciting Thaiboxing rounds. Ivo van den Berg (Baas) won by TKO-3 Dimeo Julien (Saint Martin). Michel Renirie (Baas) was disqualified (accidental knee to the groin) against Cythere Steve (Martinique). Paul Piper did great but lost against Simao Cabort (Saint Martin). In local fights there were victories for the following fighters of Baas Sports; Joel Adriana, Elvis Molina and Toon Vollebregt.

2007 gatherings @ the beach, Navy Marine-basis Parera (stand-up striking by Edwin Baas and ground by Jacob-Jan Duijst) and SDK.

2008.05.03 Everything promised on the poster of “Born 2 Fight” took place. All fighters on the poster, Capoeira, DJ Tico and 9 fights, 5 local and 4 international “Curaçao vs Suriname” with fighters from The Ultimate in Paramaribo.
Baas Sports was very successful. Mike Taatgen and Dudley Thokaai, both youth, fought an exhibition. Joel Adriana kneed his opponent in the belly, who went down and could not continue. Elvis Molina won his fight very convincingly. Toon Vollebregt won by TKO-2. Michel Renirie came very close (29-29, 29-30, 29-30). Ivo van den Berg won by TKO-1. Danny “Warwaru” van der Veen won on points.

2008 Aruba Baas Sportsers/ Vechterbazen Muay Thai Showdown; Elvis Molina, Michel Renirie, Tanva Ketkavee and @ Last Man Standing Fighting Championship; Francesco Solaro.

2008 Baas in Suriname @ The Gym (Vincent Dap), The Ultimate (Rodney Belfor), Kyokushinkai Karate Instituut (Wilfred Burgos, Randy Badal, Padji Darius and Sirano Zalman), Simson gym (Michael Watson and Angelo Simson), Lie’s International Taekwondo Tournament (where Curaçao performed very well with 1st places for Gino Centello Meulens, Shernon Apostel and the most outstanding fighter of the event Audy Muller). Ronny Jackson won the 1st place up to 78 kg and Rodney Wijnaldum in the class to 72 kg

Baas Sports was victorious again @ the 2008 CUMAFE championships with in grappling a first place for Rob Gogulski and 2nd place for Paul Piper and in Kickboxing 1st places for Deon Best and BC and 2nd places for Justin Gogulski and Kwame Nzeako.
2008 CUMAFE Fight Night with Suriname, Saint Martin, Martinique, Trinidad & Tobago and Curacao. Baas Sportsers/ Vechterbazen didn’t lose one fight. Donovan Lang won main event by TKO-4.

2009 ”The Battle of Local Heroes” Baas Sports did not lose one fight. There were victories for the following Baas Warriors; Justin Gogulski, Mike Taatgen, Kwame Nzeako, Collin Knarren, Danny van der Veen, Coregelino Djaoen, An Lie Huang and BC. The Baas Sports Fighters were also successful at the 2009 CUMAFE championships, with a 1st place in Grappling for Fransesco Solaro, a 1st place in MMA for Paul Piper and 1st place in kickboxing for Joel Adriana.

2009.09.1-13@ World Championship Boxing AIBA Milan Italia with participation of 554 boxers from 144 countries. The international boxing world didn’t know The Netherlands Antilles, but Benjey Zimmerman changed that. In the Super Heavyweight division (+91 kg) he made a great debut. In his first boxing match ever he won Ali Khaleel Salman (red) from Iraq with 11-4. Prior to this World Championships, Benjey boxed a test match against the current world champion and super heavyweight gold medal winner of the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 Roberto Cammarelle from Italy. This went so well that Camarelle asked Benjey to be his sparring partner. In the photo compilation; Roberto Camarelle, Domenico Valentino (won just like Camarelle gold for Italy during this World Cup), Husnu Kocabas & Orhan Ozturk form Team NL and team members of Macedonia, Slovenia, Grenada, Jamaica, US Virgin Islands, Panama, Bahamas, Japan, Thailand, Samoa, USA, etc. Malta, Scotland, Congo, Switzerland, Gambia, Sweden, etc.

2009.09 Edwin Baas who traveled from Milan to Curacao via The Netherlands stayed a couple of days in The Netherlands. In the photo some great moments of these few days. Baas gave a guest training at MT Gym (in the goup also old students; Peter Reffenrath, Boubkar Belkasmi, Marcel Takken and Ed Oosterbaan). There was a press conference for “Fighters of the Caribbean”. Baas had meeting with Mike Polanen from Slamm and at the M-1 office (Apy Echteld, Ino Alberga, Joost Raimond, Fedor, Dennis Rock, Patrick de Witte, Harry van Doorn), Edwin’s taekwondo trainer Marc Van Keulen, Gym Haarlem with owner/champion Ridouan El Asrouti and old student Arno Hermans and Eagle gym from Dew Jagernath and trainer the legendary champion Gilbert Ballentine.

2009.11.28 Fighters of the Caribbean. Edwin Baas with CUMAFE joined forces with Angelo Rosalia, who organized with Next Generation Warriors in The Netherlands and made an international A-class fight possible. In this main event Cedrick “Tula” Copra (Fightclub Lloyd van Dams NL, representing Curacao) won after 5 rounds of 3 minutes Remco Hisken from The Netherlands.
From Baas Sports Tessa Jansen fought an exhibition and the teams from Martinique and St. Maarten made a good impression by winning their fights. Danny “Warwaru” van der Veen (Baas Sports Curacao) won his opponent from Sint Maarten in the co-main-event.

The Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko, born in Ukraine, is considered as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all times). The heavyweight champion with the nickname “The Last Emperor” is not only the best in his sport, but also a role-model, a good example for a sportsman and martial artist. He is calm and controlled, naturally trained not inflated with steroids or other doping, do not trash talk and shows at all times respect for the opponent and is therefore respected. Edwin Baas knows the team of Fedor very well and Curacao had the honor to receive a visit of Fedor. 2009.12.05 Fedor arrived in company of Apy Echteld of M-1 Global. Manager Vadim Finkelchtein arrived a few days later. Echteld is the one that arranged that Fedor started to train in The Netherlands and prepared for his fights with top trainers Peter Teijsse (former world champion kickboxing and Savate) and Ernesto Hoost (4-time K-1 champion). Baas and Fedor look-a-like Berry Wouters organized a fundraising activity with Fedor and December 14 Fedor handed over a check (raised voluntary contributions during this activity) to Henk Kamsteeg, director of the foundation De SGR-Groep for people with disabilities. A MMA team from Aruba especially came to Curacao to meet Fedor. While Fedor was in Curacao, he was in his home country named Russia’s Best athlete.

CUMAFE beachtrainings. 2009.04.25 2009.10.31    Shihan Wilfred Burgos (Suriname), Vincent Dap (The Gym Suriname). Frank Barca (Australia). Barca (BJJ)

Guests @ Baas Sports Curacao; Luigi Kwas.  Harley Pimienta (Colombia), Allejandro Guillen (Venuezuela), Robertico Martis, Roderick de Haseth, Jemyma Betrian, Barry Robinson Jr. (USA), Glenn & Rion Rijker, Franklin Kambel, Aiven Sprang, Noel Twight, Elvis Todd, Clarence Thompson, Rodney Ernst, Juve Martha, Kader Ben ali, Dennis Rock, Naoufal El Hamchaoui, Mounir (Belgium), Ruben La Cruz, Faissal Belghanou.

2010.04.10 Le Choc des Titans @ Martinique

2010.02 AMBC Continental Boxing Championships AIBA in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Benjey Zimmerman won silver @ CAC-games (Central American and Caribbean games) in Mayagüez Puerto Rico. 2010.07.25 Clayton Laurent (Virgins Islands), 2010.07.27 Tariq Hagg (Trinidad & Tobago), final 2010.07.30 Gerardo Bisbal (Puerto Rico).
Benjey also won Aleksandar Novovic, Frank Muñoz and Bas van de Muijsenberg in kickboxing.
2010.11 Benjey moved to Milan to take part of the Milano Thunder team in the World Series of Boxing (WSB). 2010.12.11 he won in Moskow the Russian Arbi Madaev (silver @ European Championship). Benjey had the last match and Milano Thunder vs Kremlin Bears was on that moment 2-2. Because of Benjey’s victory Milano won with 3-2.

2010.09 Edwin Baas, Justin Gogulski &  Argenio Pieters in NL @ Fightclub Lloyd van Dams Utrecht, Vos Gym Amsterdam, Bao Trieu Groningen, Rock Gym Zaandam @ “Warriors of the North” Drachten, Kops Gym Amsterdam, Ladies Fightmasters Almere,  De Haagse Directe, Dutch Championships NBB (Nederlandse Boks Bond) Nieuwegein with Edwin Baas, Cedrick “Tula” Copra, Lloyd van Dams, Darren Simon, Robert, Khalid Bourdif, Zurreyl Simon, Jamal van Dams, Miles Simson, Orinta van der Zee, Cedric Bacuna, Michael Babb, Carl Blijd, Earl Blijd, Roderick de Haseth, Dennis Rock, Donovan Lang, Bert Kops, Errol Koning, Jemyma Betrian, Denise Kielholtz (won the ladies tournament,3 victories in 1 night), Kevin Heyer, Josephat “Papi” de Palm, Godfried “Chofie” Balijn, Lirou Pinedo, Innocent Anyanwu, Ilona van Lenten, Daniel Ghita, Richel Hersisia, Kristy Ooms, Romeo Kensmill, Josemir Poulino, Raymond Winklaar. NK 2010.09.18/19/25/26 , Argenio Pieters bantamweight 52-56 kg and Justin Gogulski lightweight 56-60 kg, both made it to the finals. YdK Lirou Pinedo (Kops) became Dutch Champion heavyweight (81-91 kg) after 4 victories.

2010.05.30 Box CABA 5 victories for Baas Sports; Dudley Thokaai, Argenio Pieters, BC, Givanni Schaap and Justin Gogulski.
2010 Kickbox CUMAFE victories for Argenio Pieters and Giwanni Schaap.
2010 “Honor and Respect”; Gionny Koeyers, Dudley Thokaai, Argenio Pieters, BC, Justin Gogulski, Gideon Jonker and Paul Piper.
2010.11.06 CUMAFE 2nd edition of ‘FIGHTERS OF THE CARIBBEAN’ with Bonaire, Suriname, Martinique, Sint Maarten, USA, Morocco, The Netherlands and Curacao, Baas Sports Curacao had 8 fighters participating in international fights and the result was 6 victories and only 2 losses. BC, Ruben Schot, Argenio Pieters, Justin Gogulski, Joost Mulder, Raul Franciska all won. Denise Kielholtz/ Pieternella won the main event.

2011.03.26@ Trinidad “Trinidad & Tobago vs Curacao”. Baas Sports Curacao won convincingly. Joost Mulder won Keron Bourne by TKO-2, Jamal el Otmani won Anthony Deonarine by TKO-2, Raul Franciska won Martin Joseph by TKO-3. Only the experienced Devon Ramkallawan was a little too strong for Justin Gogulski.

2011.04.30 AruBox. Baas Sports Curacao 4 boxers, 3 victories in Aruba. Argenio Pieters won Shaedemir Jansen, Jamal el Otmani won Adriaan Albertz, Nezar Regales won Kevin Lee. Efi Jimmy Croes won Justin Gogulski.

2011.05.30 Box. 4 victories 4 Baas Sports Curacao vs Bonaire and Suriname. BC, Justin Gogulski, Argenio Pieters and Nezar Regales won their boxing bouts.

2011.08.27 Baas Sports with 6 victories in Boxing and 1 in MMA @ Curacao Rumble. Ziani Fluonia won the ladies bout, Jemuel Cleofa and Raul Franciska won both Bonaire, Mohamed Hussein won The Netherlands, Sarabia, Justin Gogulski and Argenio Pieters won all 3 vs Aruba.

2011.04.01 Argenio Pieters won 1st place 4-men tournament after 2 victories. Andre Alias was also victorious. CUMAFE MMA championships 2011 Mohamed Hussein (Middleweight) and Rob Gogulski (Heavyweight), both from Baas Sports, won the 1st prizes, while Andre Alias (bantamweight) won the 2nd place in after a victory on Paul Vilanueva Carbagal from Bonaire. 2011.10.15 “Honor and Respect 2011” victories for Jean-Louis Ignatius, Justin Gogulski and Argenio Pieters.

2011 Baas Sports Curacao abroad. Joost Mulder and Nezar Regales @ Le Choc Des Titans IV in Martinique.
2011.11.12@ Fierce and Furious SXM Sint Maarten. Argenio Pieters and Jean-Louis Ignatius from Baas Sports Curacao. Jemyma Betrian also representing Curacao won convincing. Sergio Pique won Aaron Ware (USA), Rodney Glunder won Osiptsov (England), Evan Nedd (Aruba) won in MMA Joe Fagiano (USA) and also fighters from Sint Maarten, Martinique and Suriname

2011.09.25 Baas Sports @ Hockey Balboa VRO tournament CVV Willemstad. Edwin Baas opened with a warming-up for all hockey players. Boxing by Justin Gogulski and Argenio Pieters. MMA by Rob Gogulski and Mohamed Hussein. Thaiboxing by Palmira Baas and Thalisa Everon.

2011.12.17@ MMA Madness. Boxing Grego Scharbaai 63 kg (Baas Sport) won Clinton Esprit 70 kg (Bob Esprit), Argenio Pieters (56) vs Shaerickson Eisden (61) Attaf and an exhibition Muay-Thai Jean Louis Ingnatius vs Joost Mulder, both from Baas Sports. Justin Gogulski (61) Baas Sport Curacao won during his MMA debut Ruvinsky Lopez (65,5) by TKO-2.
Mohammed Hussein (81) Baas Sports Curacao won Cesar Geerman (83,3) AUA by submission.

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