Boxing, “The noble art of self defence” or “Pugilism”, is one of the oldest forms of physical exercise and as a competition sport since ancient times to present a part of the Olympics.

The boxing training is also used as a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), in which the punching techniques (on the heavy bag and/or with a partner) are combined with other exercises. A full body work-out to get physically and mentally fit.

Picture above Baas boxers; Argenio Pieters, Jaydon Dania, Ginuwine Kwidama, Christopher Willems, Raekwon Baas, Kevin Scharbaai and trainer/coach Edwin Baas, who is an international certified boxing coach by the International Boxing Association IBA.

Next to international certified IBA coaches, Baas Sport has also the quality seal of the NBB (kwaliteitskeurmerk van de Nederlandse Boksbond) and certified instructors of this federation.

CuraBox is the national umbrella organization for boxing in CuraƧao.

Classes, clinics, private groups, personal training, etc.

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