Next to Raekwon Baas vs Supreme Boxing Centre, 4 junior boxers from Baas Sports will enter the boxing ring on November 26th.Ka Wong (Quinlan) Winterdal vs a boxer from Pro-FitRayen Guanipa vs a boxer from Boca Boxing ClubEarthson Mercelina vs a boxer from Team...

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Raekwon Baas

Raekwon Mo-A-Lee Baas (20) was born and raised in šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¼ from a šŸ‡øšŸ‡· mother Palmira Baas-Sandvliet and a šŸ‡³šŸ‡± fatherĀ  Edwin Baas of Baas Sports CuraƧao.Raekwon came into contact with martial arts at a young age through his parents, but mid-2019 he decided to focus on boxing...

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October 2022 a team from CuraBox (CuraƧao Boxing Association) participated in Paraguay at the South American (Odesur) Games, a multi-sport event. Boxers Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports) and Dwinley Mathilda (Supreme Boxing Centre) and coaches/trainers Edmond Lodowica and...

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CuraBox celebrated International Boxing Day on August 27, 2022, with a free event. From Baas Sports Vitorio de Joode (15) made his debut. #internationalboxingassociation #InternationalBoxingDay #homeofboxing

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Famia Westerhout

Last evening, August 8, Andry Westerhout gave a great guest training at Baas Sports CuraƧao.Just like 3 years ago YdK Andry and his family, wife Yvonne and two sons Xyando en Quanyi, have been in CuraƧao for a few weeks and the whole family has already trained a few...

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Free shinguards

In the month of July, kickboxers, including new members, can get a pair of new shin guards for free (while supplies last).

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Curabox vs Arubox

Op zaterdagavond, 28 mei 2022, organiseert de CuraƧao Boxing Association CuraBox, een uniek programma met amateur bokswedstrijden op topniveau. Net als in maart is publiek weer welkom. Het programma staat in het teken van een ontmoeting tussen CuraƧao (CuraBox) en...

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Quality mark

Edwin Baas of Baas Sport in CuraƧao received the quality seal of the Dutch Boxing Association from director RenƩ Braad. Baas Sport has been a household name on the island for many years. Various martial arts can be practiced in this gym, including boxing. Edwin is...

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Competition Rules

Boxing rules of the CuraƧao Boxing Association (CuraBox).Kickboxing rules of the CuraƧao Martial Arts Federation (CUMAFE).facebookyoutubeinstagram

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Video footage of Training @ Baas Sports CuraƧao before March, 2020.

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