The Curaçao Boxing Association was established January 1977 as CABA (Curaçao Amateur Boxing Association). November 2014 the statutes and name were changed in “Curacao Boxing Association” (CuraBox). Edwin Baas is since 2009 till now the president of this non-profit organization, which aims to promote the practice of boxing in Curacao.

The current board consists of; Edwin Baas (President), Andy Frans (Vice-president), Sem Klein (Treasurer), Erwin Kleiboer (Secretary), J.R. Krishnadath, (Commissioner), Huibertico Balentien (Commissioner).

In the photo compilation above also James Beckles from Trinidad & Tobago, a 3 star referee (highest level) of the international boxing association AIBA, and the graduates of the referee course given by him; Edmond Lodowica, Redferne Regales, Signalda Olario, Willem Falter, Jonathan Symor, Shanderla Leito, Erwin Kleiboer, Gideon Jonker, Gilbert Girigori, Charlton Donker and Edwin Baas.

Unlike professional boxing (pro-boxing) there is only one world organization for Amateur Boxing, better known as Olympic boxing, and that is AIBA (Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur).  under the chairmanship of Edwin Baas, the country of Curacao received membership of the AIBA with CuraBox.

In the photo compilation below Baas in Panama for the AIBA forum of the American confederation with, among others, AIBA president Dr Mohamed Moustahsane (Morocco), Executive Committee Member Mr Umar Kremlev (Russia), Remie Burke (Surinaamse Boxbond), Steve Ninvalle (Guyana).

May 2019, Edwin Baas was in St. Lucia for participation in the ITO (International Technical Official) course of the international boxing association AIBA. The course was led by Angel Villarreal (USA). In addition to Curacao and host country St. Lucia, Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica, Guyana, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda and Cayman Islands participated. This program aims to ensure that all officials are knowledgeable about the rules, that they can make the right decisions and maintain fair play and neutrality for the benefit of all competitors.

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