Baas Sports

(Combat) sports, Martial arts & fighting systems

Based in Emmastad Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

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Speed, power & confidence

Under professional guidance

Baas Sports Curaçao is a school/team under professional guidance of Chief Instructor Edwin Baas, a Health & Safety Professional and officially recognized, qualified and certified in various martial arts, combat sports and fighting systems.



Martial kids

Thai Kickboxing

Self Defense



  • Get in shape with no excuses
  • Reduce your daily stress
  • Become physically stronger
  • Empower yourself mentally

AccesSible for all

Over the years Baas Sports facilitates professional training and coaching in a broad scale of levels and diversity. Serving a highly comfortable atmosphere where respect for eachother is the essence of getting a complete workout.

Everybody is welcome @ Baas Sports, young, old, male, female, beginner, advanced, disabilities, etc. 

Training and coaching can be for Self Defense, Conditioning, Competition and more.

Challenge yourself and get fit

Get fit, confident & motivated

With participating you’re already a winner.
Losers don’t exist in combat sports.
What are you waiting for?

Giving strength to the community

How martial arts can make a difference