Baas Sports

Martial arts, combat sports & fighting systems

Based in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

What we offer

Speed, power & confidence

Under professional guidance

Baas Sports Curaçao is a school/team under professional guidance of Chief Instructor Edwin Baas, a Health & Safety Professional and officially recognized, qualified and certified in various martial arts, combat sports and fighting systems.

Everybody is welcome @ Baas Sports, young, old, male, female, beginner, advanced, disabilities, etc. 

Training can be for Self Defense, Conditioning, Competition and more.


Martial kids

Thai Kickboxing

Self Defense



  • Get in shape with no excuses
  • Reduce your daily stress
  • Become physically stronger
  • Empower yourself mentally

Accesible for all

Under professional guidance

Over the years Baas Sports facilitates professional training and coaching in a broad scale of levels and diversity. Serving a highly comfortable atmosphere where respect for eachother is the essence of getting a complete workout.

With professional trainers we give group lessons where you are able to master the basic techniques of the different martial arts, combat sports and other fighting systems. 

Challenge yourself physically and get fit

Get fit, confident & motivated

With participating you’re already a winner.
Losers don’t exist in combat sports.
What are you waiting for?

Giving strength to the community

How martial arts can make a difference