Baas Sports

(Combat) sports & fighting systems

Based in Emmastad Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

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SPeed, power & confidence

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Baas Sports facilitates training and coaching for Self Defense, Conditioning and Competition.
Chief Instructor Edwin Baas, a Health & Safety Professional, is officially & international recognized, qualified and certified in various martial arts, (combat) sports and fighting systems.
Baas Sports is a small team, but with a big name, because Quality is more important than quantity.


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  • Get in shape 
  • Reduce your daily stress
  • Become physically stronger
  • Empower yourself mentally

AccesSible for everyone

Young and old, male and female, beginner or advanced, recreational or competitive, with or without disabilities, everyone is welcome at Baas Sports, where teaching and training is served in a safe and responsible way, in an adequate environment with the right facilities, within a good pedagogical climate, in a high comfortable atmosphere where respect for each other is the essence of getting a complete workout.

Challenge yourself and get fit

Get fit, confident & motivated

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