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Before Edwin Baas came to 5999 (Curaçao) in August 2001, he was teaching in The Netherlands.

In the photo compilation below. Baas received the teacher diploma of the MTBN (Muay Thai Bond Nederland)/WMTA and started a Thai-kicboxing group @ Wadokan Haarlem.
The 1st competition Thaiboxer of Baas was Khalid El Aater, with a successful debut in Eindhoven, 1996.
The 1st fighter of Baas who won by KO was Erçan Yüksel in Hellevoetsluis, 1996.
The 1st female fighter of Baas was Palmira Sandvliet. Palmira won in the 1st round at the Mix Fight Night in Haarlem,1996.
The 1st fighter of Baas in an international fight was Boubkar Belkasmi, who won Belgium in Bladel, 1996.
Many successes followed these historic moments.
Also in this photo compilation; The Late Jon Bluming, Chris Dolman, Peter Aerts, Gilbert Ballantine, Gerold Mamadeus, Peter Teysse, Thom Harinck, The Late Dennis de Preter, Lucien Carbin, Dick Smolders, The Late Nordin Ben Salah, Ronnie Jackson, Michel van Zeelt, Ino Alberga, John Akkerman, Glen Huisman, Peter Koopman, Pedro Rizzo, Denis “De Rus” Sharoykin and many more.

Edwin Baas @ Dick Smolders’ Wadokan Haarlem. Baas represented The Netherlands @ the WIKF European Championships in England and Italy and the World Championships in Athens, Greece. Baas obtained the black belt karate during a training camp in America NL by The Late Tatsuo Suzuki, The Late Naoki Ishikawa and The Late Hiroji Fukazawa.
Dick gave Baas the opportunity to do the Muay Thai kickboxing teacher course and to start a Thai kickboxing group at Wadokan Haarlem.
Because of the great success in relation to the small dojo, the group moved to a bigger location, the sports facility of the M.L. King School, where Baas already gave Taekwondo classes.

Edwin Baas @ Marc van Keulen‘s Taekyon Haarlem, where top athletes from all over the country gathered to train under Marc’s guidance. In no-time Baas became A-class and competed in international tournaments and championships, not only in The Netherlands, but also in other European countries like Denmark, Germany and Belgium. In a few years Baas became black belt of the TBN (Taekwondo Bond Nederland) and WTF (World Taekwondo Federation).
Marc soon entrusted Baas to teach. At first only to the youth and later Baas got the whole Taekwondo Club Haarlem department in the sports facility of the Martin Luther King School.

Regular reunion training sessions took/take place when Edwin Baas visits the Netherlands.

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