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Before Edwin Baas moved to Curacao in August 2001, he was active as trainer/coach in The Netherlands.

Edwin Baas started with Thai-kickboxing at Dew Jagernath’s Eagle Gym Haarlem. His trainers were in order; Danny Soto, The Late Husseyin Bouhkizoe, Mohamed Krim and Guido Uiterloo (boxing). When Krim and Uterloo went to Mohamed Aithassou’s Sitan Gym Hoofddorp and later to Thom Harinck’s Chakuriki Amsterdam, Baas also left and trained occasionally at Sitan Gym, Chakuriki and various other gyms.

Baas received the instructor’s degree and started to teach Muay Thai and kickboxing @ Wadokan Haarlem. Because of the great success in relation to the small dojo, the group was moved to a bigger location, the sports facility of the Martin Luther King School, where Baas already taught with Taekwondo Club Haarlem. The 1st competition Thai-kickboxer of Baas was Khalid El Aater, who made a successful debut. The 1st Baas fighter who won by KO was Erçan Yüksel. The 1st female fighter was Palmira Sandvliet, who won in the 1st round. The 1st fighter of Baas in an international fight was Boubkar Belkasmi, who won an opponent from Belgium. Many successes followed.

In the photo compilation below also top fighters and top trainers from this period. I don’t have to mention them because the insiders know them and their track record.

Paul and Oliver Bruno brought Edwin Baas to Dick Smolders’ Wadokan Haarlem. Baas won various tournaments and championships and was selected for the Dutch WIKF (Wado International Karate Federation) team and represented Holland @ various European and World Championships in England, Italy and Athens, Greece. In this photo compilation below the karate masters; Dick Smolders, Arnold Keizer, The Late Tatsuo Suzuki, Edwin Baas, Harold van der Rijst (at KBN championships Baas represented his club Shintai Apeldoorn where he occasionally trained) and The Late Naoki Ishikawa (Baas obtained the black belt after an exam taken by Suzuki, Ishikawa and The Late Hiroji Fukazawa, during a training camp in America). Also a picture with the winning team Venezuela during the 1993 World Cup with coach The Late William Millerson (Curacao) and some members of the Dutch team including The Late John St.Luce.

Mustafa El Barmou brought Baas to Marc van Keulen‘s Taekyon Haarlem, one of the best Taekwondo teams of The Netherlands with high level competitors that won many national and international prices. In no-time Edwin Baas became A-class and competed in a lot of international competitions in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, etc. and in a few years he became black belt of the TBN (Taekwondo Bond Nederland) and WTF (World Taekwondo Federation).

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