Combat sports are popular and have great potential to contribute to social issues. At Baas Sports teaching and training is done in a safe and responsible way, within a good pedagogical climate and where social involvement has an important place. Many young people take the right path through training and guidance.
Many, especially children, also gained self-confidence through the training and coaching.

Edwin Baas has been voluntarily committed to the Curaçao sport and community since the moment he came to Curaçao in August 2001, mainly Curaçao youth.
For many years he has been a member of the board of non-profit organizations such as the Curacao Martial Arts Federation CUMAFE (since 2003) and the Curacao Boxing Association CuraBox (since 2009) with which he has organized many activities selflessly. Baas has spent and still spends many hours of free time and energy on director duties and organizing various activities.

Many other clubs have emerged from Baas’s club. Baas has always stimulated this, often facilitated it and also helped to get the people who came from his club on their way.
The reason Baas did this is because he believes that more competition is also possible through multiple clubs and in this way combat sports develop in Curacao.
Baas also has a full-time job, as a physiotherapist at Fundashon Verriet of De SGR-Groep, and a family life. He already spends many hours of his free time on the sport, often too much. With more clubs there are more places for those interested.

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