Combat sports are popular and have great potential to contribute to social issues.
At Baas Sports, teaching and training is done in a clean and safe accommodation with proper equipment, in a safe and responsible way, within a good pedagogical climate and where social involvement has an important place. Quality is more important than quantity. In case something goes wrong there is a good first aid facility and an educated trainer.

Baas has been volunteering for non-profit organizations for years. Among other things as a board member of the Curacao Martial Arts Federation CUMAFE (since 2003) and the Curacao Boxing Association CuraBox (since 2009) with which he has organized many activities selflessly.

Baas regularly gives workshops free of charge, such as in the photo above for ambulance FKA (Fundashon Kuido di Ambulans di Kòrsou) and CITRO (citizen rescue organization) staff and in the photo below at various schools, like Divi Divi school, Marnix College, Albert Schweitzer and Abel Tasman College.

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