Raekwon Baas

Raekwon Mo-A-Lee Baas was born and raised in Curaçao from a Surinamese mother, Palmira Baas-Sandvliet, and a Dutch father, Edwin Baas, of Baas Sports Curaçao.
Although Raekwon’s parents were very active in martial arts, they let Raekwon decide for himself which sport he wanted to do.
After Raekwon first played football/soccer and basketball, he decided mid-2019 to focus on boxing.
Then the COVID-19 pandemic came, which meant that no official bouts were boxed for a long time.
As an alternative to competitions, sparring bouts and a Power Punch Challenge was organized in 2020, in which Raekwon won the first place in the category up to 18 years.
In October 2020, Raekwon went to the Netherlands with his father/trainer Edwin Baas to participate in the Dutch youth championships, but these were also canceled due to Covid.

Raekwon left for the Netherlands to study and trained at Hannes Schneider’s NSC (New Sport Challenge) Haarlem.
Again he had to deal with last minute cancellations, which was very annoying because he had to maintain his weight (under 71 kg) during his daily life. In May 2023 he finally boxed his first bout in The Netherlands and in the class up to 75 kg (less stress). Raekwon won this  @ “Battle of The Best”.
June 2023 he became North Netherlands Champion.

In October 2023 Raekwon moved to Rotterdam and since then he has been training at FitBoyz 010 under the guidance of Rodney Ernst.
January 2024 he became Open South Netherlands champion.

Raekwon is also a musician under the name of Raeky SNG.

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