Self defense

Safety = first priority

“Can you just teach me a few tricks that I can use in case of emergency?”, “Can you guarantee me that these techniques always work?”, “Is this the most effective way of self-defense?” Edwin Baas answers these questions with “NO”. Baas don’t want to give people a false sense of security and only consistent and disciplined training leads to muscle memory. Baas says: “There are no effective or useless fighting styles but only people who practice their combat method in an effective or worthless way. Purely an individual matter. The name of the style/system is completely irrelevant, because fighting is and remains what it is and that is fighting. Nothing more and nothing less. A name is just a name. The effectiveness depends on the practitioner. No system/style will give you magical powers. As a practitioner, you have to shape it yourself.”

BAAS SPORTS offers classes, workshops, clinics, seminars, courses, private groups, personal training, etc.

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