Kickboxing and Boxing Champion Wendell Roche was January 2018 in Curacao and gave training at Baas Sports and Parasasa beach.
Wendell, born in Curacao (1970), fought more than 300 fights world-wide, and is still active. May 25 2018 he won Igor Kolacin by TKO (Technical Knock-Out) in a K-1 rules kickboxing fight at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw Poland.

20180324 Kickbox. 3 youngsters from Baas Sports, Jaydon Dania (13), Eli van Nierop (16) and Ginuwine Kwidama (17), dominated at the practice bouts. 

20180427 Ginuwine Kwidama also came in action with his trainer Baas during an exhibition on King’s day.

20180512 CuraBox “Roll wit the punches” with the participation of Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin and various Curacao teams.
Jaydon Dania (13) did a great job during his ring debut. His opponent was not only three years older but also proved to be a real talent. Ronin Prince, son of a kickboxing trainer was also Dutch karate champion. Two judges had him as winner and 3 his opponent.
Ginuwine Kwidama (Baas Sports) won by unanimous decision, according all 5 judges.

20180522 workshop ‘Safety’ for ambulance and CITRO (citizen rescue organization) staff by Ries van Lomwel, Nouche Fleming Nicolaas and Edwin Baas.

Baas gave Martial Arts training to nine groups/classes of the Divi divi school (20180209) and @ Marnix College Rio Canario (20180528).

Current Bellator and 6-time world champion Miss Dynamite Denise Kielholtz Gerges showed that she’s not only a great champion in the ring and the cage, but also outside the ring and the cage, She has her heart in the right place and the proceeds of the seminar she donated to the Team FightAble, a group of people with disabilities, but the abilities to practice boxing and martial arts in an appropriate way.

20180908 Both boxers from Baas Sports Curacao won their bouts. Ginuwine Kwidama won Aruba and Grego Scharbaai won Sint Maarten.

20181006 At the 2nd edition of the Honor Fight League Grego Scharbaai from Baas Sports Curacao won his international Thai Boxing fight, his first B-class (semi-pro), after 5 rounds by an unanimous decision.

To step into the ring and compete you need guts and therefor you’re already a winner. Marius van Noort did this at the age of 46 for charities in both Curacao and the Netherlands, he was the absolute winner.

In 2018 we had a lot of special guests again visiting Baas Sports Curacao.
The most of them are in the photo compilation below, like; Wendell Roche, Aksel Cijntje, Yassine & Chairi Al Andaloussi, Shanice Josefina, Justin Do Rego, Clarence Thompson with his ladies (his partner Denifa and his lovely little daughter), Murat Ilgen, Big Daddy Carlos Blaaker and his sons from MMA Ruthless Fightcompany, Carl Blijd, Latrell Ceder and Naomi Williams of Team Tommy van den Berg, Yulong Blijd, Miss Dynamite Denise Kielholtz-Gerges, Howard Komproe and Roue Verveer, Yulong Blijd, Sherman Bonofacio, Harry Volny-anne from Martinique, Shermain Hellings of Hiit-Fit.nl, Randy Heyer, Muammer Ilgen and fam, Godfried Chofie Balijn.

CuraBox honored Jemyma Betrian for her outstanding performance (Bronze medal) at the AIBA women’s world boxing championships in New Delhi India, November 15-24, 2018.

Edwin Baas Reunion & B-day training December 2nd 2018

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