Thai Kick boxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing makes use of striking techniques with the fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet.

In different countries, different forms of kickboxing have arisen and there are also different organizations, which means that there are differences in rules and names. To name a few; Muay Thai or Thai Boxing (Thailand), K-1 (Japan), Savate – Boxe Fran├žaise (France), Full Contact or American Kickboxing (USA), Sanda (China), Shootboxing (Japan) and styles similar to the old traditional Muay Thai style Muay Chaiya Boran (before the boxing gloves were introduced in 1930), like; Lethawae from Myanmar (Burma), Pradal Serey (Cambodia), Tomoi (Malaisie), Muay Lao (Laos), Yaw-Yan (Philippines), Musti Yuddha (Muki Boxing) and Adithada (India).

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